Beauty in the
messy middle


THAt is all that i want for you too.

All I ever wanted was to be truely Seen.

Sometimes being seen isn't making a place for yourself, because somehow you think you don't quite fit in. Instead it's realizing that you are worthy of taking up space. I spent so much of my creative journey playing small and I don't want that for anyone else. You don't need accolades or validation. Your story is worth being heard, regardless of what others may say. Your piece is necessary to the whole, and I want to be the one cheering you on when you realize that you were worth it all along. 

i'm Missy O'Malley.

My love of photography and all things creative began in a season when I needed a magnifying glass to show me, even on the hard days, life was still beautiful. It was still good. My camera became the tool for me to see better the things that were going on around me, and as my skill grew I was able to translate how I saw the world into photographs and films. It's been almost a decade since those days, but I never put down my camera, and I don't think I ever will. 

The only thing that gives me more joy that my camera are my relationships. I am an encourager by nature.

Who is your biggest cheerleader? It's me. Guarantee it. 

A Closer Look into My Life

These are the things that keep me inspired

Matt O'Malley

My Faith

My next Adventure

fun facts to
know about me

I'm obsessed with

Van Life

My favorite season is


I'd love to learn from

Brene Brown

My favorite hobby is

Rock Climbing

My degree is in

"Criminal Minds"

My other dream job


My favorite podcast


Most likely listening to

Glen Phillips

DON't Wait for the perfect moment.



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