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missy jeanne

I want to  help YOU find beauty in the messy middle, whether that is your calling, your career, your personal projects or your home life.

To look for artistry in the ordinary, sacredness in the story and inspiration in the everyday. 


...messy bits and all.
There is a sacredness in ordinary days. 

You keep waiting to arrive. For someone to tell you that it matters. That your story mattered to the whole.
I want you to know the value of YOUR story. I want to give you an experience and not just a photograph. I want to give you the blessing of presence. I want to give you something to remind you why you are putting in the hard days. 

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my reason

Life isn't waiting way off in the wings. Life is right now. It's in the unfinished project, the messy bathroom, the extra pounds, the crazy schedule. It's in the morning rush to drop off kids and the evening sprint of dinner, baths, bed. It's in the project you feel inadequate to be given,  and the business you are scared to launch. I don't know about you, but I am tired of waiting to arrive. I was missing a beautiful life that was right in front of me, chasing a bar that forever moved. We never arrive this side of heaven, so we are better off enjoying the perfectly imperfect moments that we have been given. The tension between almost and not yet. 

my reason

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where I'm from

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What do I love? Musicians who sing about beauty & heartache. Sweet memories & being nostalgic. Mountain tops, coffee, campfires & comfort food. I love big dreams, adventures & romance. I love slow days with no obligations. 

I love to be with the people I love more than anything else. 

I love my messy life.
My crazy family.
My great big God. 

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where I'm from

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A dot on the map between Philadelphia and Lancaster Country. A little bit city and a little bit country. We are trying our hand at homesteading, and have learned to keep bees. Big dreams of honey and eggs, farm stands and roadside markets. 

I feel lucky to live in Chester County, PA.
We happen to live a little closer to the farms and get to enjoy fresh produce, raw milk and the best Amish Whoopie Pies. 

Close enough to West Chester and the shops and amazing food that this amazing little college town has to offer. 

Just enough open space for hiking and biking and all the things we love.

It's kind of perfect for us. 

my reason

favorite things

where I'm from

who i love

who i love

I love my handsome, bearded handyman of the woods. 20 years this June!

And I love my little crew of kids Aubrey (15), Leah (13), Ephraim (9), and Luke (6), otherwise known as Team O'Malley. We probably like to be around each other a little too much. Can't say that we minded quarantine life. I'm kind of a lover of togetherness and a clear schedule. 

It's a little messy and a lot chaotic but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Except after 8:30 PM...
then I'm kind of over it. 

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July 6, 2022


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$400.00 / 4 weeks

4 week
1:1 Mentorship

Feeling stuck in your journey? Not sure where to begin? Do all the courses or classes seem overwhelming? When I started taking my business and my craft seriously, it was hard to find the learning resources that were right for me. I wished there was a guide who was there pointing me in the right direction. Someone who walked the path before me and could navigate me around pitfalls and distractions. Someone who KNEW me and paid attention to the way that I saw the world and guided me based on that natural bent.

I want to be that for you, someone who reflects you back to you, and shows you where to step next. 

DON't Wait for the perfect moment.



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